Dawg An Deh Bone-Painting - 72inx48in

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72inx48in, Unstretched. Mixed media on canvas, 2017. Kwesi Abbensetts is a New York based Photographer/Painter/Visual Artist and 2016 NYFA Fellow. Kwesi Abbensetts hails from South America off the Corentyne coast of Guyana. Kwesi Abbensetts is a self-taught visual artist. I am an Intuitionist. My process of creating is led by an intuitive and unconscious calling. It relies on waiting, spontaneous inspiration and feelings. My process places trust in randomness, moments and happenstance instead of trained formalities of art making and practice. My work relies on memory information and the influence of space/environment to create and influence my work, a call and response.   My work is tightly bound to my identity and consequently the work and subjects become a rendered celebration of my culture. My work is concerned with I call “Revisionary Self Appropriation.” It is a work that seeks to build new context and representation of self and not relying on direct posited contemporary references. It relies on “blood” memory, invention and experimentation via the process of intuitive force performance.